Cave Creek Merchants & Events Assoc.

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Our Purpose

Cave Creek Merchants & Events Association

Cave Creek is Arizona’s most unique western town and offers spectacular beauty and excitement for the residents and visitors that visit our distinctive locale and for the businesses that call this special place home.

The Cave Creek Merchants & Events Association is focused on the development, management and implementation of Cave Creek’s signature events and providing marketing leadership for our merchants and organizations.

Cave Creek. Perfectly Exciting.


We believe that when everyone works together, everyone benefits. Therefore, we are excited to be working closely with other business leaders to build a strong foundation and to enhance long-term opportunities for your business or organization in our unique and distinctive town. This goes for our residents, too.

“Cave Creek merchants are unique because they combine a hard work ethic with a commitment to the well being of the community. This rare combination of personal dedication to one’s business and a willingness to make the town better and attractive to locals and visitors is what makes our town and the Cave Creek Merchants & Events Association so special.”
Mayor Vincent Francia, Town of Cave Creek

“We look forward to future collaboration and partnerships with the Cave Creek Merchants & Events Association as we work together in the promotion of events and programs that will invite the foot traffic that will assist our business community in its continued success.”
Patty Villeneuve – director, Carefree Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce

“We look forward to working with the Cave Creek Merchants & Events Association and will be providing a CCMEA News and Events feature in every issue in order to benefit our local merchants and residents.”
Don Sorchych, publisher, Sonoran News

“For several years we have worked diligently in partnership with Cave Creek businesses to drive customers to Cave Creek. Building and supporting events in the town through the CCMEA is a critical piece to enhance what is already a major revenue stream for the merchants in Cave Creek.”
Hope Ozer, publisher, City Sun Times


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